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  1. You are a god among men, all hail M-Topps and his infinite wisdom sauce! *horns* *angels* *a goddamn torrent of blog hits and comments*

  2. This is a really informative doc, and helped me to configure the additional disk as well as understand some related topics of Linux disk management.

  3. Thank you – I keep coming back to this document whenever I need to add a disk/filesystem to my vmware linux m/c.

  4. For a newbie that had to learn Linux in two days, people like you who write these easy to understand articles are worth your weight in gold! Well written, clear and concise. Thanks, much appreciated!

  5. Excellent article – thank you for taking the time to put this together. Well written and concise…a must read for intermediate .nix admins (like me)

    Thanks again

  6. Helpful for the addition of a hard disk given my limited Linux system admin. Knowledge.

    Thank you.

  7. Matt,

    I’ve come a long way with utilizing VM technology since that day you introduced it to me in that training class in Reston. This is exactly what I needed, thanks. Kudos to Alem for pointing me to your site.

    Dennis Robinson

  8. Awsome.. you are such a blessing for me brother….i was stuck in office..thanks love you …Hassan Azmat

  9. Sir thank you very much for your straightforward solution. 🙂

  10. This is a great work ad you have made it so simple. Great job, thanks a lot for the article. It has helped me a lot.

    Thanks and Regards,

  11. Brilliant! You need not know everything and at some point you’ve got to find a way out through some specific problem, though your are not an expert in that area…..expert references like this which is simple and to the point, is a great respite!

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  13. starting with no knowledge about linxu partitioning – all work finished in 2 minutes. Thanks!

  14. Thank you for sharing this. It helped me to enable the second disk I created.

    I would add that GParted might be preferred to create and format the partition. At least for people rather not using intimidating command-line fdisk. To use GParted:

    sudo apt-get install gparted
    sudo gparted

  15. Nice Tutorial It helps me for creating the partition on VMware on Linux O/S

  16. Hey,

    First of all, let me say that this was an enormous help. You’ve made my day 🙂
    But I have a question, i added the thisk, just like you taught here, and everything went ok.
    But now i want to copy a folder (+/- 18Gb) from Windows to my CentOS virtual machine. As i dont’t have enough free space on my first disk, the sda1, i will need to copy it directly to the disk i’ve just created right? Into its directory?
    Before reaching here, i tried to expand the disk up to 100Gb, but then i have to mout the partition, can i reproduce the steps here for that? is it safe?

    Thanks a lot,
    Keep on with the good work 🙂


  17. Thanks Matt, You made adding disk to VMware so easy, can’t thank you enough for it.

    Keep up the Good work, Liked the Screenshots , clearly the best one on this topic while searching Google !.

  18. Matt is there any way, we can increase the size of the sad1 itself?
    Like in for new partition we provide ‘n’ as command. Is there any tweak that instead of providing ‘n’ we can merge the newly added disk into already existing sda1.

  19. Thanks for your great work, Matt. Linux AND vmware newbie here. Trying to learn Oracle on a linux box – ran out of space after 20Gb and you saved my skin. I’m sending you good Internet karma – thanks again!

  20. The is a brilliant document. straight to the point without the lost of a sight. Well educative. Just finished mine with the doc and everything worked. To those of you who believed in open source and open minds I salute you all for your effort unable are able. thank you.

  21. very useful, but in my case the VMDK disk is shared by 2 vms, how can I mount the same VMDK on the second VM without formatting it, and have the file written on the drive from the 1st vm accessible from the second drive

  22. This is great documentation. For me the Virtual Disk was already added to the VM, I just needed to create the partition and mount it. With this document in hand it was just a cakewalk. Really great job. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  23. This is great stuff though it is base on Vmware, I use this article to do the same in Virtual Box. Again thanks for the simplicity and clarification of adding the extra disk to vm there of in this article.

  24. Thanks a ton for the great article! 🙂

    Could you please add a note on how one can delete the new disk added to VMWare ?

    I have deleted it via the menus, but unable to delete the partitions completely…


  25. Really useful and informative steps indeed, precise and handy too.

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