212 comments on “Adding a new disk to a VMWare Virtual Machine in Linux

  1. Good tutorial, I never knew that I can create an additional virtual hard disk for RAID configuration.

  2. Quick and Easy!

    Nice description and document is easy to understand with screen shots. Before finding this reference I have spend my 1 hr to add new HD. But now, I have added new HD to my vmware without any problem.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Thnaks a lot ,this tutorial is very nice and useful,i was able to create a new partition using this document

  4. The tutorial is good but I couldn’t go through with the process. All the first 12 steps passed quite ok but I got stucked at step 13. Indeed, after I entered the following
    “mkdir -t ext3 /sdb1” I got the following error: /dev/sdb1: Invalid argument passed to ext2 library while setting up superblock.

    Am using RHEL4. Any tips?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. It worked fine. I was making a mistake in the mkfs command. Thanks again for the tuto.

  6. 3.5 years and it’s still helping us n00bs out.

    Mr. Tumy pointed me this way as I was trying to add a second drive to VirtualBox. Worked like a charm. Thanks!


  7. It is very helpful and useful guide. Unfortunately, I did everything as mentioned and got virtual disk mounted but drive is not visible at all. I can see drive being mounted with mount command. There is also an entry in fstab file but still not visible. I have tried restarting couple of times.

    Can you please help and tell me what I am missing here?


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  10. thanks alot , 1st time i see a such usefull material

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for the superb article. Really worthrful to read the article.

    Thanks again.

  12. thanks for the great tutorial! the linux documentation team could definitely take lessons from you. such a simple basic task and this was the only place I could find where it made any sense whatsoever. thanks again!

  13. Thank you for your concise and straight forward instructions.

  14. if you want to dynamically discover the new drive w/o reboot:

    echo “- – -” > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan

  15. Hey Matt,
    never saw such a straight forward explanation before. U Rock.


  16. Excellent! My first time mounting san space and other than a few fat fingers (on my part) the process worked perfectly. Only suggestion is to do a df -h instead of df -k this puts the usable space in MB and GB instead of blocks. Thanks!

  17. After 4yrs of this being published it’s saved me. Great guide; concise, thorough, complete with graphics (only thing that really differed for me due to version of VC). Thanks for this incredibly helpful guide!

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  19. Matt,

    I’m new to using VMWare and also I have always wanted to get some idea about partitioning, mounting etc. This article helped me achieve both. Thanks for the very clear documentation.


  20. Wonderfull tutorial on setting up a new VMWare disk on Linux. Straight and clear!

    Thank you!

  21. Matt, this is awesome. It was really a guie for a beginner like me entering into technical world for the first time.

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